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Solstice Music Festival Line Up Announced

April 18th, 2015 by master

Building on the success of the inaugural Solstice Music Festival last year, organizers recently announced the 2015 lineup featuring a heavily local lineup.

The Fremont Fair features two stages; The Redhook Main Stage & Reyka Vodka Waterfront Stage. All shows on the Waterfront Stage are free and programming is done by Fremont’s Nectar Lounge.

The Redhook Main Stage hosts the Solstice Music Festival with hip hop group Deltron 3030 and two-time Grammy-nominated Presidents of the United States of America headlining on Friday and Saturday evenings respectively.

Tickets are available now.

Here is the full line up for the Redhook Main Stage:

FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2015:

  • Ayo Dot & the Uppercuts
  • Ra Scion
  • Headliner: Deltron 3030


  • Fox and the Law
  • Ayron Jones and the Way
  • Headliner: Presidents of the United States of America

Don’t miss the Solstice Parade at 3pm

Let the countdown begin!

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Fremont Arts Council Meeting Tonight

March 10th, 2015 by master

The Fremont Arts Council Committee of the Whole (COW) meets tonight from 7-8:30pm at the Powerhouse at 3940 Fremont Ave N.
All member are welcome to attend. To learn more about Fremont Arts Council membership click here. The Fremont Arts Council organizes the annual Solstice Parade along with Troll-o-ween, Luminata, and more events.
The organization announced the 2015 Solstice Parade will take place on Saturday June 20th at 3pm. Individuals can get involved with the parade through the Fremont Arts Council as volunteer, ensemble, or general solstice enthusiast.

Planning an ensemble for the parade? Let us know! Fremont Universe is looking to shadow a group as they prepare for the Solstice Parade.

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Time for a Solstice Celebration!

June 20th, 2014 by master

In case you haven’t heard, it’s solstice time! The Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade takes place this weekend and our not-so-sleepy neighborhood will be full to the brim with festivities, live music, and of course visitors!

Bold Hat Productions, the organizers behind the fair has put together this fun Fremonster’s Guide to the Fair:


Here are a few other tips we think Fremonsters might find useful:

Sunrise today was at 5:11am (kudos to anyone awake to witness it) and Sunset this evening won’t be until 9:11pm. Today, June 21st is the official Solstice!

The Redhook Main Stage (where the Concert series is taking place) is on 35th street between Phinney Ave N and Evanston Ave N dubbed the “Rocket Block.” And very importantly, the Main Stage Beer Garden is located on the South side of the street. The concert series bands will perform from 5:30-10:45pm.

If you rely on street parking, don’t move your car. Just don’t do it. The Rock and Roll Marathon is also going on downtown. Traffic is no way to celebrate the Solstice.

The street closure for the Solstice Parade begins on Saturday at 2:30pm, the Painted Cyclists (aka Naked Bike Ride) hits the roads at 2:45pm, and the parade begins its progress at 3:00pm.

Want a change of scenery? Head to the Solstice Celebration at Gasworks Park on Saturday featuring Honk! Fest West with brass bands, food, and another Beer Garden! Festivities carry on until 9PM

Beer Gardens!
– All the Fremont Fair beer gardens are CASH ONLY
– The Fremont Fair beer gardens will be pouring Budweiser plus three of major sponsor Redhook’s brews: Redhook IPA, Redhook ESB,  and Redhook Audible.

The Art Cars have moved! They are now located closer to the Fremont Canal near the Burke Gilman.

Learn more about the Solstice Parade and Gasworks celebration on the Fremont Arts Council website.

You can also get the lay of the land here:

Happy Solstice!!!

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41st Annual Fremont Fair, Solstice Parade Return June 16-17

January 12th, 2012 by master

Coinciding with the Fremont Arts Council’s Solstice Parade, the 41st Annual Fremont Fair will take place June 16th and 17th this year.

A collection of performances by local bands, arts and crafts shopping, food and drink, artistic expression and fun for young and old – all coming together to celebrate Fremont’s “delibertas quirkas” culture, the Fair is one of Fremont’s can’t-miss attractions every year.

The Fremont Arts Council’s Solstice Parade will kick things off at noon on Saturday, June 16. Claim your spot early, the event annually draws over 50,000 spectators to cheer on the floats, wacky characters and, of course, painted nude bicyclists.

Sunday, June 17, is Dads and Dogs Day at the Fair, featuring a pup parade. Humans can join in too so long as it’s cool with their pooch.

There’s also the Fremont Beer Garden, Seattle Art Car Blowout and four performance stages.

Fremont Fair is a benefit for Solid Ground, a local poverty-focused nonprofit who produced the Fair for nearly 40 years. The remaining funds collected in the beer gardens and onsite donation boxes go into the Fremont Chamber of Commerce’s grants program and are awarded to non-profits to fund projects that benefit the Fremont community.

For more information, visit

Photo courtesy of Tom Wright Photography

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What’s Going On, Fremont?

June 27th, 2011 by master

Here’s some news, notes and updates about Fremont-related happenings.

  • The new arts space West of Lenin is bringing live theater back to the Fremont neighborhood — and hosting cinema, music and other artsy ventures, too.
  • There was an alleged assault outside a bar in Fremont this weekend. Maybe? It sounds like? Kinda?

Thought this was cool. Get a bikes-eye-view of Seattle, from downtown to Ballard, through Fremont and back downtown:

Got any Fremont-related news, tips or updates to share? Email us at tips at fremontuniverse dot com.

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Fremont Fair & Solstice Parade Images, Photos, Links And More

June 20th, 2011 by master

And so, another Fremont Fair comes to an end. A good time was had by all in spite of Saturday’s weather and Fremont’s many vendors, bars, restaurants and coffee shops seemed to be pleased with the weekend that was.

My favorite costume? The bioshock-underwater-diver-radioactive-gator-fighting-stilted guys. How bout you?

Below find some links to the many stories and recaps about the weekend as well as some photos courtesy of Tom Wright Photography and Lucy Pearce.

[

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Fremont Fair & Solstice Parade: Schedule, Times, Events And FAQ

June 17th, 2011 by master

All the hours you’ve spent riding your bike, preparing your stomach for massive amounts of food intake and painting your naked body are about to pay off. The Fremont Fair is this weekend and the Solstice Parade is Saturday.

Are you ready? Just in case, here’s everything you need to know.

Fremont Fair

Days & Time: Saturday 10am to 8pm, Sunday 11am to 6pm.

Cost: FREE! (However, donations are encouraged via tipping at the beer garden or making contributions at the information booths. Donations will benefit Solid Ground, a poverty-focused, non-profit, who produced the Fremont Fair for many years, as well as the Chamber’s grant program.)

Vendors: Full list here. Vendors located west of Fremont Ave North on N 35th Street and North 34th Street/Canal Street.

Special Events & Areas:
Yoga for the Solstice presented by Planet Earth Yoga and KIND Snacks – Sunday, June 19 at 10:30am
Dads & Dogs Day Puppy Parade – Sunday, June 19th at 2:30pm
Dads & Dogs Day Grilling Competition – Sunday, June 19th, 1:00-2:15pm
Fremont Abbey Arts for All (located just west of PCC and The Red Door on 34th St.)
Seattle Art Car Blowout (Burke Building Upper Parking Lot)

Parking: Yeah, good luck with that. Honestly, take the bus if you can (5, 26, 28, 30 and 31) or bike in (Bike Corrals are located along the park at 1st Ave NW and Canal Street). There is no light rail access in Fremont. If you absolutely have to drive, your best bet is to head up Fremont Ave. and park north of 41st St. in the residential areas. Folks like me who live up there won’t like it, but, we’ll deal for a weekend. Get more info on getting here at the Fremont Fair site.

Bathrooms: There are four port-o-potty areas set up so you don’t have to keep sneaking into Starbucks (N 34th St and Phinney Ave N, 1st Ave NW and N 35th Street, N 35th street by the big purple slide, Evanston Ave N).

Solstice Parade

Day & Time: Saturday, June 18th at Noon

Route: Begins at the intersection of N 36th Street and Leary Way, runs through downtown Fremont, ending at Gasworks Park.

So, Is Everyone Naked Or What?: Well, a lot of the bicycle riders that are in the parade will technically be partially or fully naked but they’ll also be covered in bodypaint, not to mention other add-ons (fairy wings, fancy hats, etc). No one’s gonna be running around shoving their private parts in your face, it’s a celebration, not a sideshow.

Do I Have To Get Naked, Too?: No, you don’t have to. Plenty of parade-goers are donning clothing and most everyone watching is clothed. Then again, nobody’s stopping you either.

Where’s The Best Place To Watch?: Pretty much anywhere on 36th Street is good. Take note, a lot of folks set up shop early with chairs and blankets. If you want a “front row” seat, get there ASAP.

Are Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops Open Along The Route?: Are you crazy? Of course they are. Grab an outdoor table if you can and settled in.

Can I Take Pictures Of The People In The Parade?: Sure, though please remember this is less of a “let’s take photos to make fun of these people” kind of event and more of “I gotta take a photo of that cool costume” kind of event. FYI.

Have fun this weekend and we’ll all check back here Monday for our favorite moments, photos, costumes and stories from the weekend. Happy Solstice, everyone!

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Solstice Parade Updates: Donations, Body-Painting Party & More

June 9th, 2011 by master

Fremont’s Solstice Parade is approaching and there’s lots of things still to do, plan for and, of course, paint.

The Fremont Art Council is still on the lookout or donated materials to help them build their floats, artwork and other items for the parade.

While cash donations help us buy supplies and materials for the studio, we rely on other “scrounged” or donated materials to create fantastical art for the Fremont Solstice Parade (We can’t make all this great art without stuff!)

The place to make your donations is the The Powerhouse Solstice Studio (3940 Fremont Ave. N.) and they’re accepting through June 18th. Swing by between 6-9pm Monday through Friday or 12-5pm Saturday and Sunday. For a list of what you can donate and what they do not want (both lists are very large so read them carefully), check out their site.

What if you’re thinking about cycling in the parade but have never done it before and don’t know what to do day-of? FAC is here to help. The Solstice Cyclists will be hosting a body-painting party at corner of 3rd Ave NW and NW 36th St at 11:45 a.m. for the start of the parade on the 18th. To join the painting party, email

And if you need more info on best practices for riding in the parade, check out the official rules. Well, they’re more like guidelines, but you’ll see why they’re in place:

Don’t be creepy. Seriously. Don’t stare at people. Don’t take photographs without permission. If you’re not getting painted or helping someone get painted, don’t come.

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Dad Watson’s Leaving Fremont, Relocating To U-District

June 1st, 2011 by master

On June 18, after you’ve taken in all the many sights and sounds (but mostly sights) of the Solstice Parade, you might want to head over to Dad Watson’s for a drink. Because it’s going to be your last chance to do so in Fremont.

The McMenimans-owned pub is closing up shop June 18th and heading to a new location in the University District. According to one employee I spoke with, their lease in the current spot expired and they’ll begin the process of moving cross-town, though they won’t be opening in their new location for a little while.

The pub will be hosting an employees-only closing party before the final day but no other celebrations have been planned.

The area around Fremont Ave. & 36th continues to evolve. With the new hostel moving in across the street, expect more changes to hit the area. We’ll have to see how well it all pans out for retailers, restaurants, building owners and especially Fremonsters.

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40th Annual Fremont Fair Is Almost Here

May 31st, 2011 by master

If you live in Fremont, you’ve been seeing the tell-tale signs that spring is coming for a while now. The Fremont Art Council is getting their floats ready for the Solstice Parade. And there are Fremont Fair posters and handouts scattered throughout town.

As for the Fair, it’s rapidly-approaching (June 18th, 19th). There are so many things to do at the fair, it’s hard to list them all. The folks running the extravaganza sent over this handy list of bullet points for the uninitiated to know all the must-see and artsy activities that weekend, including:

  • Fremont Arts Council Solstice Parade: The 24th Annual Fremont Solstice Parade takes place on Saturday, June 18th at noon. Produced by the Fremont Arts Council, the Fremont Solstice Parade is a showcase of art via human-powered floats.
  • Dads & Dogs Day – Dog Parade: Paralleling its human counterpart, the Fremont Arts Council’s Solstice Parade, fairgoers are invited to bring their four-legged friends on Sunday, June 19th at 2:30pm to participate in this fun pup procession. Bring your puppy in creative costume or let your dog strut his or her stuff au naturale.
  • Fremont Abbey Arts for All: Grow your brain on the arts at Fremont Abbey Arts for All at the Fremont Fair. Activities include a growing brain sculpture, chalk art, smell haiku, paint by neighbor and dance-a-painting. Plus, live performers and bands on the Fremont Abbey Stage!
  • Seattle Art Car Blowout: See more than 50 funky decorated art cars on display in the Burke Building parking lot (35th and Evanston). Cars travel from across the country to create the largest gathering of Art Cars in the Northwest! You can see them parked at the Fair, but want to see the art cars in motion? The Seattle Art Car caravan leaves Macrina Bakery in SODO at 10:00am on Sunday, June 19th and will head along the viaduct, past the EMP and crawl up the counterbalance and Queen Anne Avenue before crossing the Fremont Bridge into the neighborhood. Have you cameras ready!
  • Arts & Crafts Shopping: The Fremont Fair also features boutique shopping throughout the streets with over 300 booths filled with original arts and crafts, imports and opportunities to tie dye a t-shirt or get a henna tattoo.
The Fremont Fair is free and open to the public and runs from 10:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday with the Redhook Main Stage and Redhook Main Stage Beer Gardens open until 10:00pm. On Sunday, the Fair is open from 11:00am to 6:00pm. For more information and a complete schedule of activities, visit For the up-to-the-date announcements, follow @FremontFair on Twitter or find us on Facebook.

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