June 17

Fremont Fair & Solstice Parade: Schedule, Times, Events And FAQ



All the hours you’ve spent riding your bike, preparing your stomach for massive amounts of food intake and painting your naked body are about to pay off. The Fremont Fair is this weekend and the Solstice Parade is Saturday.

Are you ready? Just in case, here’s everything you need to know.

Fremont Fair

Days & Time: Saturday 10am to 8pm, Sunday 11am to 6pm.

Cost: FREE! (However, donations are encouraged via tipping at the beer garden or making contributions at the information booths. Donations will benefit Solid Ground, a poverty-focused, non-profit, who produced the Fremont Fair for many years, as well as the Chamber’s grant program.)

Vendors: Full list here. Vendors located west of Fremont Ave North on N 35th Street and North 34th Street/Canal Street.

Special Events & Areas:
Yoga for the Solstice presented by Planet Earth Yoga and KIND Snacks – Sunday, June 19 at 10:30am
Dads & Dogs Day Puppy Parade – Sunday, June 19th at 2:30pm
Dads & Dogs Day Grilling Competition – Sunday, June 19th, 1:00-2:15pm
Fremont Abbey Arts for All (located just west of PCC and The Red Door on 34th St.)
Seattle Art Car Blowout (Burke Building Upper Parking Lot)

Parking: Yeah, good luck with that. Honestly, take the bus if you can (5, 26, 28, 30 and 31) or bike in (Bike Corrals are located along the park at 1st Ave NW and Canal Street). There is no light rail access in Fremont. If you absolutely have to drive, your best bet is to head up Fremont Ave. and park north of 41st St. in the residential areas. Folks like me who live up there won’t like it, but, we’ll deal for a weekend. Get more info on getting here at the Fremont Fair site.

Bathrooms: There are four port-o-potty areas set up so you don’t have to keep sneaking into Starbucks (N 34th St and Phinney Ave N, 1st Ave NW and N 35th Street, N 35th street by the big purple slide, Evanston Ave N).

Solstice Parade

Day & Time: Saturday, June 18th at Noon

Route: Begins at the intersection of N 36th Street and Leary Way, runs through downtown Fremont, ending at Gasworks Park.

So, Is Everyone Naked Or What?: Well, a lot of the bicycle riders that are in the parade will technically be partially or fully naked but they’ll also be covered in bodypaint, not to mention other add-ons (fairy wings, fancy hats, etc). No one’s gonna be running around shoving their private parts in your face, it’s a celebration, not a sideshow.

Do I Have To Get Naked, Too?: No, you don’t have to. Plenty of parade-goers are donning clothing and most everyone watching is clothed. Then again, nobody’s stopping you either.

Where’s The Best Place To Watch?: Pretty much anywhere on 36th Street is good. Take note, a lot of folks set up shop early with chairs and blankets. If you want a “front row” seat, get there ASAP.

Are Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops Open Along The Route?: Are you crazy? Of course they are. Grab an outdoor table if you can and settled in.

Can I Take Pictures Of The People In The Parade?: Sure, though please remember this is less of a “let’s take photos to make fun of these people” kind of event and more of “I gotta take a photo of that cool costume” kind of event. FYI.

Have fun this weekend and we’ll all check back here Monday for our favorite moments, photos, costumes and stories from the weekend. Happy Solstice, everyone!


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