Seattle is home to many unique and artistic neighborhoods which provide community, culture, and character to businesses and residents. Among Seattle’s neighborhoods Fremont is known to be a bit…different.

In Fremont a giant troll lives under the Aurora Bridge,  and JP Patches is remembered with both a statue and a street. It is hard to miss the Cold War era rocket mounted on a building inscribed with “De Delibertas Quirkas,” translated as “Freedom to be peculiar,” the neighborhood motto. The towering statue of Lenin also stands out near one of Fremont’s busy intersections along with plenty of “guerilla art,” one of the most well-known examples being the guidepost identifying Fremont as the “Center of the Universe.”

Along with Fremont’s eccentric appearance it is a thriving, energetic, and unique community. The neighborhood’s industrial roots are still present alongside many newcomers in the tech industry.  Restaurants, bars, and local businesses draw both residents and visitors alike. Several major events, including the Solstice Festival, the Fremont Fair in June and Oktoberfest at the end of September, bring thousands to Fremont.

More than a neighborhood, Fremont is an experience. The experience has changed significantly over the past several decades but the sense of community remains strong. Fremont Universe is a news blog dedicated to reporting and helping our readers experience Fremont as fully as possible.

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Welcome to the Center of the Universe!