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Breaking: Gasworks Park Attack Foiled

September 2nd, 2017 by Sara

From our friends at Safe Seattle:

Safe Seattle community member Bob MacDonald writes that he witnessed and intervened in an attack on a woman in Gasworks Park this morning, at about 8 AM. This incident has been reported to the Seattle Police Department.

MacDonald saw a young woman entering the grassy area on the west side of the park from Northlake Way. She was walking through the area when she was accosted by a shirtless and shoeless man who was acting erratically, as if he were under the influence of drugs. As MacDonald says:

“I was about 20 yards away when I first began observing this incident. The attacker appeared to be trying to steal the woman’s backpack. When she wouldn’t let go, he pulled her closer and then grabbed her around the waist with both arms and tackled her to the ground. He then pinned her down and threatened her with some kind of object or weapon. I couldn’t see what it was.

At this point an employee of a rental bike company who’d been loading bikes onto a truck approached me and asked if anyone was going to call 911. He said, ‘I don’t think they know each other.’ Then he left.

I called 911 and continued to observe. A man from the Parks Department drove a white pickup truck out to the middle of the grassy area where the attacker and victim were struggling, and this caused the attacker to break off and confront the Parks guy, who had gotten out of his truck. I think the craziness of the assailant took the Parks guy off guard because he retreated back into his truck and left.

The attacker then went back to the victim and began shouting at her, swinging the backpack he was carrying and grabbing at her. He did this for about five minutes while I followed and talked to 911. He physically attacked her again in the grassy area to the east of the parking lot and I intervened and drew him away. A couple witnesses shouted for her to run and find some people to be around, but instead she went east out of the park and followed the trail along Northlake Way where it leads into some overgrown brush.

The attacker followed her back in there, and I didn’t want to pursue him at first because of the chance he’d corner me. But the 911 dispatcher told me the police were still two minutes away, and I didn’t want to let the victim out of my sight, so I decided to go down that path after them. When I found them, the attacker had the woman on the ground, just out of sight of the road. And now he was actually hitting her in the head. She started screaming as I approached. When I was about five feet away, the attacker noticed me and jumped up and came at me, trying to threaten me. I stepped around him and got between them and told the woman to go back into the park and find some people to help, which she did. The last time I saw her, she was running over the grassy hills to the east of the parking lot headed back into Gasworks Park.

I turned and left the brushy area and the attacker followed me out into the roadway (Northlake), threatening to fight me. I don’t think he really wanted to fight someone who would fight back, because at one point I almost threw a punch at him and I think he knew it. I said something like, “She’s gone now, dude; it’s over,” and he realized I was right and just turned around and walked east on Northlake.

He sat down on the curb next to the street and a University cop pulled up and walked over to him. The suspect immediately launched himself at the cop. They struggled briefly and the attacker broke free and fled. The cop caught up with him within one block. The cop deployed his Taser, but it failed. The cop then grabbed him and got him down and at that moment two other University police cars showed up and it took all three cops to get this guy subdued. SPD arrived within minutes and the man was arrested.”

Photo courtesy of Bob MacDonald

According to MacDonald, the victim left the scene and was being sought by police for questioning. MacDonald reported that he had heard she was located a few blocks away.

The Parks Department employee who intervened left the scene in his truck, and was being sought by police for additional details.

This incident happened in broad daylight at a popular Seattle park. MacDonald told me that several people witnessed the attack at various times during the 10 minutes it was ongoing. He counted six people standing and watching at one point, and he estimated that 20 people in total saw what happened, or parts of what happened. Besides those two individuals and the single Parks Department employee, who intervened briefly and then left the scene, no one else intervened. MacDonald told us that if just one other person had stepped up with him to confront the attacker, the outcome would have been very different.


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Luring Incident in North Fremont

March 10th, 2015 by master

Fremont resident and mother Ruth alerted Fremont Universe that her daughter was involved in a luring incident late last week. KOMO news briefly covered the incident here.

Two men tried to lure her 13 year old daughter into their dark green Suburban last Thursday March 5th around 3pm on the premise of showing her their puppies. The girl was approached on the 4300 block of Palatine Ave North. Ruth says her daughter “ran and got help from one of our neighbors who called the police.” The police did not find the luring suspects.

Ruth encourages the community to “Stay safe, be alert!”

The approximate of the luring incident on March 5th


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Blocks party all over Seattle tonight in honor of National Night Out

August 7th, 2012 by Sara

Tonight is Night Out Against Crime, a national event that brings neighbors together with block parties all over the city in an effort to heighten crime prevention.  If you are planning to celebrate with your neighbors, Terrie Johnston, North Precinct Block Watch Coordinator, has the following reminders:
•Please remember that arterials, bus routes and intersections cannot be blocked, and that your street closure can only cover a single block.
 •You must put barriers at the ends of the streets to be blocked, and display signs indicating this is a Night Out event and the hours the street will be closed.
 •The City does not provide barriers, so you need to come up with something on your own.  Most people use sawhorses, garbage or recycling cans, folding chairs, etc.  DO NOT BLOCK THE STREET WITH CARS!
 •Designate a few neighbors to keep an eye on the street ends, should an emergency vehicle or neighbor need access to the block.
 •Please notify everyone on the block about the event
 •If your event includes music, please be considerate of surrounding neighbors especially if your music is amplified.
 •The official hours for Night Out are 6:00 – 10:00 p.m., with most gatherings occurring from 7 pm – 9 pm.  If you begin earlier you may interfere with commute times.
Is your block having a party tonight?  Send us your pictures of the festivities-
In addition to hosting Night Out, SPD is hosting Picnic at the Precinct this coming Saturday.  Precinct officers will be on hand to meet residents and answer question about crime issues and problems in the neighborhood. The whole family is welcome- they’ve planned fun activities, entertainment, and free food. The picnic is from 1 to 4 p.m. at the North Precinct office (10049 College Way N).

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Drive-by shooting suspect arrested

February 2nd, 2012 by master

A suspect has been arrested after what police are calling a drive-by shooting early yesterday morning.

At approximately 4:30 a.m., the 911 call center received multiple reports of hearing six to eight gunshots in the 4300 block of 5th Ave NW. A witness gave police the description of the vehicle and driver, which he had also seen and taken note of in the area a few days earlier.

A vehicle parked in front of a witness’s house had multiple bullet holes and police recovered shell casings and slugs, police say. There were no injuries and no apparent damage to the home.

From the SPD Blotter:

Officers responded to the suspect vehicle’s registered address and observed the vehicle parked/unoccupied outside, with one shell casing visible on the rear seat floorboards.  While watching the residence, another vehicle left the house.  Officers stopped this vehicle and detained the male matching the suspect description.  He was positively identified by the witness to the earlier shooting. The suspect was subsequently booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Drive-by shooting.  The suspect’s vehicle was impounded to the processing room.

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Large Fight, Shots Fired In Fremont Early Sunday

October 17th, 2011 by master

At around 1:00 am early Sunday morning, a large fight broke out around the 3600 block of Dayton Ave. N. After shots were reportedly fired, police responded to the scene:

The multiple 911 calls stated that there was a large fight taking place and that one of the participants had fired a gun into the air.  A number of officers responded to the scene.  The first officers to arrive located the suspect and his car.  Officers conducted a high-risk stop on the vehicle and ended up detaining three suspects.  A gun was also recovered.  It was determined that the suspect had assaulted two separate victims by punching, kicking and pistol-whipping them.  The victims had non life-threatening injuries.  The primary suspect also sustained some minor injuries from the fight, he was treated at the hospital and later booked into the King County Jail.

H/T: Jenifer, Mark

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Crime Prevention Update From Seattle Police North Precinct

August 15th, 2011 by master

Terrie Johnston, crime prevention coordinator for Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct, recently sent an update to all Block Watch captains about crime trends in North Seattle. Johnston said most August burglaries occurred during daytime hours, many of them before noon.

The bulk of the entries are non-forced through open or unlocked doors and windows. (Still a few through dog-doors as previously reported) I noticed several entries through unlocked garage doors, which can be harder to protect. If you can access your home through the garage, please think of the door between the garage and house as an exterior door. They should be solid; wooden or metal with good deadbolt lock and a door frame that is anchored into the wall studs. Window screens are easy to cut or remove so don’t consider them adequate defense for an open window. Victims reported they left doors unlocked as they were only walking the dog, or at a nearby park with their kids and didn’t plan on being gone long. We think 9 minutes is a long time for a burglar to be in your home. Laptops, jars of coins, jewelry and tools were popular stolen items this month. One burglar entered an unlocked garage and stole the victim’s car using the valet key left in the glove box of the vehicle.

On 7/30/11 people on Densmore Ave. N. were having a party in their basement and a guest came upstairs to find four burglars inside the house. They were chased outside and fled in the suspects’ vehicle. An astute individual reported 2 motorcyclists stuffing their back packs with stuff from a suitcase they later discarded. The witness gave good descriptions and even a license plate number to 9-1-1. Officers ended up arresting one of the thieves a short time later near the Home Depot parking lot. Turned out the motorcycle was stolen. The suitcases seen had the victim’s name on the ID Tags which helped verify a burglary had occurred; and most of the chase was caught on an in-car camera of the patrol car. Great work by North Precinct patrol and by the great witness who called in the Suspicious Activity which lead to the arrest. You are our eyes and ears!

Johnston also said the 27th annual Night Out Against Crime on Aug. 2 was a big success, with 1,327 blocks across the city registering to participate, a 12 percent increase from last year. The big news, however, is that more than half of those – 720 blocks – were in the North Precinct, twice the number of the city’s other four precincts combined.

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Man Attacks Parents With Baseball Bat In Fremont, Arrested By Seattle Police

July 12th, 2011 by master

As you read about in our live updates, a Fremont man attacked his parents with a baseball bat Tuesday afternoon, leading to a stand-off with Seattle Police when he barricaded himself in the house. The stand-off, which began at roughly 3:00 pm ending around 5:30pm when the SWAT team surrounded and stormed the house in the alleyway between Evanston & Fremont Ave. at 41st St.

The 52-year-old suspect is known to police for previous incidents and is described as a schizophrenic. As someone who lives in the neighborhood (right around the corner, to be exact), I can confirm that four police cars were parked on 41st St at Fremont Ave, last week due to an incident involving the man.

The parent’s were able to escape without any major injury and were seen waiting outside of the taped-off area, awaiting the outcome of the arrest.

No word yet on charges but the arrest seems to go off without any issues or problems. At least 15 police cars, two fire trucks and a SWAT van were present at the scene.

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Officer, K-9 Partner Arrest Burglary Suspect In Fremont

July 5th, 2011 by master

Fremont is full of dogs. Seems you can’t walk down the street without running into at least seven of them. So it should be no surprise that they’re solving crimes for us now.

On 06-28-2011, at approximately 2:51 a.m., a Canine Officer was dispatched to a Burglary call in the 100 block of N. 39th St, involving several homes in the Fremont area.  The suspect had broken two windows, on two separate homes.

The officer and his canine partner began their track where the caller had last seen the suspect.  The track continued and the suspect was located in a backyard of another individuals home.  The suspect complied with orders given by the officer and was taken into custody without incident.

The 23- year- old suspect was booked for Investigation of Property Damage.

Remember, next time you see a dog in Fremont, it might be working undercover. So be nice.

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Robbery Suspect Apprehended In Fremont

June 23rd, 2011 by master

Back on May 5th, a 23-year-old female was walking down the 4000 block of Linden Avenue N when three men starting following and harassing her. She began to dial 911 on her iPhone but one of the suspects approached her from behind, struck her in the face and stole her phone before she had the opportunity to complete the call. He fled and, one would assume, was never to be heard from again.

Not so fast, buddy. The Seattle PD spent the last two months tracking him down and finally apprehended him today.

Information developed during the on-going investigation which led to the identity of the 21-year-old suspect.  He was presented in a photomontage and positively identified by the victim. On June 23rd at approximately 9:00 a.m., the suspect was located at an apartment in the 4200 block of 34th Avenue West and taken into custody without incident. He was transported to the Robbery Office for processing.

The suspect was booked and now awaits a court appearance.

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Police surround Fremont house after shots fired

June 18th, 2011 by master

A SWAT team descended on a home near 3rd Ave. and 41st St. tonight after a man inside reportedly fired shots into the air, then locked himself inside. Officers spoke to him over a loudspeaker urging him to give himself up. At one point, SWAT members fired loud flashbangs to get his attention.

Just after 10:30 p.m. police took the man into custody. When the incident began around 8 p.m., police closed a wide area around the home, shutting down Leary and 3rd Ave., diverting traffic to side streets. Neighbors who couldn’t access their homes milled the streets, waiting for the police action to end.

There were no reports of injuries. (Thanks Silver for your help!)

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