January 27

Fremont Fotos



Apropos of nothing, I had a couple photos handy from the last few days and wanted to share…

The weather’s been warmer the last couple days but otherwise, it’s been chilly. Glad to see the Fremont Troll is all scarfed up.

The best thing about Uneeda Burger? They answered the age-old question, “What am I supposed to do with all those nametags on the Table O’Nametags at the Fremont Sunday Market?” Now we know.

Discovered this bench behind the Fremont Baptist Church while walking my dog the other day. It looks out on Fremont Ave., across the street from Frame Up. There’s also a trash dumpster right in the middle of your view, but if you can look past that it’s an interesting people-and-car-watching spot. Plus, you’re tucked away just enough that no one will bother you. Makes me wonder what everyone’s favorite spot in town to have a people-watching sit is (That’s your cue to leave a comment…).

Finally, I’m not saying that a centuries-old witch lives in Fremont where she patiently waits to feed on the souls of the living so that she can live off their essence for all of eternity. All I’m saying is, if she does, this house on the corner of 39th & Linden is definitly where she lives.


frame up, fremont troll, Uneeda Burger

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