December 21

Uneeda Burger Set To Open*



Uneeda Burger, the new burger joint at 4302 Fremont Avenue, will officially open its doors on Monday, December 27th.  But here’s a pro-tip if you can’t wait until then…

Just head on over right now, walk inside, order your burger, exchange legal tender for said burger and eat that burger.

Uneeda Burger is having a “quiet opening” this week, which I suppose I’m defeating the purpose of by telling you, but there you go.

I stopped by just to take some photos when I just so happened to find this out for myself. I snapped some photos and spoke with one of the General Managers, Peter, who ran me through the many, many fresh and local ingredients that will be Uneeda Burger’s hallmark.

The burgers are priced between $6.25 and $12.00, depending on what you go with. I sampled the Crispy Emmer Veggie Burger myself (#10) and you definitely get your money’s worth with that loaded meal.

For their regular burgers, they will be serving Painted Hills Beef that has been especially prepared for the restaurant. You can also swap that for Whidbey Island Crescent Harbor 100% Wagyu (Kobe) Beef if you like. You can also upgrade to grass-fed beef from Thundering Hooves for an additional $3.00/$4.00.

They also offer chicken breast sandwich, BLT, hot dog, soup, chili and salads amongst other items.

For dessert you can get hand-dipped ice cream shakes in a bunch of different flavors as well as floats and artisan sodas.

For beer drinkers, they’ve got three beers (PBR, Manny’s and Odin) on draught as well as a full bottle selection. There’s also a sizable wine selection to choose from.

FYI, the restuarant will be closed Friday through Sunday this week for Christmas but open again on Monday “for real.” Normal operating hours are 11am – 9pm Monday through Thursday, 11am – 10pm Saturday and 11am – 8pm Sunday.

The website ( isn’t live yet but will be by Monday.

More photos after the jump.


Uneeda Burger

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