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Fremont Got Santa’d This Weekend

By master · December 20th, 2010 · No Comments

It was Santacon this past Saturday. But then again, if you were in town, how could you have missed it? By the early afternoon, Santa’s had infiltrated just about every watering hole in town. It seemed like everywhere you turned, there was a jolly guy or gal in red hanging out or walking by.

My favorite run-in was watching a group of Santa’s scour the beer shelf at PCC to figure out what they were gonna drink. Naturally, a little kid passed by the aisle at that moment, completely confused and delighted (Okay, maybe that kid was actually me…).

There’s a TON of Santacon photos out there on Flickr and other places online (like the Seattle Weekly). Feel free to share your own or your favorite Santa stories, sights and run-ins from the weekend.

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