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Help InterConnection Keep EVERYONE In Seattle Connected

By WK Leigh · December 15th, 2016 · No Comments

Who knew that an unassuming storefront on the revamped Stone Way North in Fremont is buzzing with high-tech promise for low-income families? InterConnection accepts donations of used computers, laptops, tablets and more; completely refurbishes them with the latest software and hardware; and offers them for very low (or no) cost to low-income individuals or nonprofit organizations.

International Rescue Committee in Seattle Gets 8 Laptops

They also provide these refurbished computers to the general public, regardless of income or need, at a higher (but still affordable) price in their retail store on Stone Way, between 34th and 35th. The proceeds are then funneled back into the programs for those who are unable to afford technology.

Does you existing computer need repairs, upgrades or data transfer? The onsite techs can help you out with that as well, for a much lower price than you’d pay elsewhere. Again, the proceeds recycle themselves into helping those in need.

This is an excellent way for us to join together as a community and help create a level playing field for EVERYONE in Seattle. Since InterConnection is nonprofit, you also get a tax deduction. So scoop up that gear you have lying around, and drop it off over on Stone Way North. There’s free street-side parking out front, and 30-minute loading zones are available in various spots on both sides of the street.

Check out the InterConnection website to see all the ways they give back to the Seattle community, as well as to those in need around the world. Let’s support them, Fremont!

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