December 11

Handmade Tamales at Fremont Winter Feast

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Heading over to the Fremont Winter Feast today? With more than 20 food trucks and street stalls dishing it out over on Evanston Street, you’ll probably want to graze all day – so make sure you snag at least one handmade tamales from the los tamaleros at Frelard Tamales. Simply put, that’s “the guys making tamales.” And they do it muy bien!

The tamales are made by hand, from scratch, using a family recipe handed down for generations by co-owner Osbaldo’s family from Puerto Vallarta, 0n the west coast of Mexico. Each tamale is individually wrapped and tied in fresh corn husks.

Athough they’re a highlight of the Winter Feast this year, Osbaldo and his business partner, Denny, have a weekly spot at Fremont Market every Sunday — so don’t worry if you can’t make it over today. The duo has partnered with Sur 16, a Latin American restaurant in Capitol Hill, to create “the best tamales in town” — and I feel sure they’ve already climbed straight into that top-slot in Seattle.


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