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Winter Solstice Feast 2015

By Sara · December 21st, 2015 · No Comments

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Don’t miss Winter Solstice Feast, Dec 21, at 6:00pm. This is a fantastic evening of creativity, artworks, dining, dancing and good times, sharing the richness of our community as we bid goodbye to last year and welcome the new! Join in the fun and celebrate Earth’s longest night in an incredible experience, connecting with friends and loved ones, our ancient past, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

The entertainment this year is beyond great – live music, acoustic Tea House stage, late night DJ’s & dancing into the night:
The Bucharest Drinking Team
Correo Aereo
The Harper Conspiracy

The Solstice Moment itself occurs at 8:49 pm, in the middle of the event. We’ll stop the action just for a moment to observe!

The richness of the Feast comes from all our contributions. The tables are loaded with food that we all bring to share! Everyone brings a dish to the Feast tables, you, me, all the volunteers – You must bring a dish to share and enter Feast. Bring us your best! The food at the Feast is beyond compare, dishes go on for miles and there are more things to try than you could possibly ever get to. This is what makes the event so great.
Remember that we break bread, together, at 7pm. Please refrain from diving in until you hear ‘LET THE FEAST BEGIN!”

ALCOHOL – We have outgrown our BYOB policy and sadly the Feast can no longer be this kind of event. We will have a full no host bar available with cocktails, wine and beer, inexpensively from our awesome bartenders. Please bring cash!

FEAST DRESS – is splendid, extravagant, sexy, dance floor royalty, high animal spirits and incantations, stunning mermaids and sky faeries laughing amongst us, Titania and Oberon, tuxes and body paint. Frank Sinatra will greet Beowulf with a giant bear hug.

Please bring your own plate, cup and utensils.

Click here for tickets and more information. All tickets include a 30 day Trial Membership to the Fremont Arts council.

Join us and be part of creating a legendary memory!

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