March 17

Frellard Pizza Company Begins Construction on Leary

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Frellard Pizza Company set to open at 4010 Leary Way

Across Leary Way from the Way Station a former machine shop underwent substantial construction last year to accommodate retail or restaurant tenants. As of the beginning of this year, the two available spaces have been filled with new restaurants.

Tray Kitchen moved in last fall and it’s future neighbor the Frellard Pizza Company, Ethan Stowell’s latest project, is due to arrive later this year. Read more about Tray Kitchen here on Fremont Universe. 

Looking across Leary Way at the open space for Frellard Pizza Company.

Facing south, two large garage doors open into the future pizzeria. Lately, the building and parking lot are filled with the hustle and bustle of creating the ideal space. The Frellard Pizza Company is the latest venture of Ethan Stowell Restaurants, run by Ethan and his wife Angela already has an impressive roster of restaurants. With 10 restaurants around Seattle, Ethan Stowell Restaurant’s offers a variety of cuisine in some of Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods.

A resident of Phinney Ridge, Ethan’s upcoming addition keeps things closer to home and builds on the success of the Ballard Pizza Company, Ethan’s original “casual pizza joint.” Frellard Pizza Company will follow the same model as Ballard yet also compliment the busy Ballard Ave spot with expanded delivery service and plenty of space for groups and children.

Inside Ballard Pizza Company on Ballard Ave. Image from Ballard Pizza Company

Opened in 2012 Ballard Pizza Co. stays busy serving slices, salads, and pints. So busy in fact, it became difficult to keep up with delivery service and currently only available in Ballard. Frellard Pizza Co will take over all delivery service and allow pies to travel far and wide. Well, at least west of Aurora and south of NW 85th Street. This covers the neighborhoods of Sunset Hill, Ballard, parts of Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, and Fremont. After Frellard Pizza Co. takes over delivery service whole pies can still be picked up at the Ballard location but all delivery will be based in Frellard.

As with Ballard Pizza Company, Ethan aims to reflect the surrounding community with Frellard Pizza Company. While it will be very similar to the Ballard location it also offers something all it’s own to that “almost-Fremont” area.

Pizza is available by the slice or full pie. Image from Ballard Pizza Company


The goal? A neighborhood pizza joint that connects with those in the actual neighborhood. This also includes families like Ethan’s with young children. From his personal experience quick counter service is crucial with a two-year old. It’s best “to get the food in front of them right away” he says. Meanwhile, adults can enjoy a beer and spend time with their family.

In some ways Frellard Pizza Co steps out even further into the neighborhood than Ballard with plans for an outside beer garden including a deck and fire pits. According to Ethan there will be a kids area and plenty of space for groups of all ages. The beer list will focus on nearby breweries in the Ballard/Frellard/Fremont area. Ethan is not trying to be “cutting edge” with the new pizza joint but rather “provide a good product in a cool environment.”

In the lead up to opening, Frellard Pizza Co. will be hiring for various positions. Interested applicants can drop resumes off ahead of time at the Ballard Pizza Co.

Ethan is “stoked” to be joining the growing Frellard area and if all goes according to plan expects Frellard Pizza Company to open in the month of June. A family and pizza fan himself he will “definitely be there” with his family and making a beeline for those “fat slices.”

Frellard Pizza Company will offer delivery in Fremont, Phinneywood, Sunset Hill, and Ballard. Image from Ballard Pizza Company


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