December 17

Fremont-based Brown Paper Tickets expands “Not-Just-for-Profit” Efforts

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Brown Paper Tickets, an online ticketing service headquartered in Fremont (technically just across the bridge) is a self-described “fair trade ticketing company.”  The company places emphasis on offering low service fees and quality customer service because they envision a “company to provide the kind of service we would want for ourselves.”  How do they make this happen?

The company operates a 24/7 call center, manages web sales, and is constantly exploring ways to foster the industry they serve and keep ticket sales accessible. Drawing on previous experience in the music and production industry Brown Paper Tickets charges producers no fees to sell tickets. For ticket buyers, the service fee is just $0.99 plus 3.5% of the ticket cost. It even explains this on the home page and lists the price with the service fee included on the event page. Many ticket buyers out there will find this extremely refreshing.


Additionally Brown Paper Tickets is a Not-Just-for-Profit business, a standard which advocates not only running a profitable business but giving back to the community.  The company has grown exponentially over the past few years including in its charity efforts. In addition to the company’s contributions and supporting individual events Brown Paper Tickets offer two key services to help the community support various causes. The first is a searchable list of all charity and fundraising events. Crab feeds, senior center gatherings, civic performances and more from all across the country are listed here. This is a terrific resource for connecting audiences to great causes you may or may not be familiar with.

In November Brown Paper Tickets announced a fee-free service for collecting online donations so that more of the funds donated can go to the actual cause. The press release issued by the company explained that of the $667,000 raised by various organizers an estimated $13,000-$33,000 would have gone to fees via other ticketing, donation, or crowdfunding platforms. CEO Steve Butcher affirmed Brown Paper Ticket’s commitment to a fee-free service for donations:

“Fundraising is a selfless act of kindness or passion for positive change. We honor the work of fundraisers and change-makers by giving them the tools and support they need, and putting the financial rewards of their labor directly in their hands, where it belongs.”


The addition of this service also allows organizers hosting a benefit or fundraising event to sell tickets and accept donations through a single platform. In such situations Brown Paper Tickets gives the event organizer 102.5% of the face value for each ticket.

During this busy season of giving it helps to be able to easily contribute and maximize the benefit of that contribution. Going into 2015 and beyond even more organizations and causes will be able to benefit from the services offered by Brown Paper Tickets. Click on the image below for more ideas about giving inspired by #GivingTuesday (the week after Thanksgiving is just getting longer and longer!).

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