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Dog-centric in the Center of the Universe

By master · August 28th, 2014 · No Comments

There are plenty of happy pooches in Seattle during the summer! They get to run, swim, and explore with their owners often with plenty of panting involved. However, most owners have to return to work after the weekend or maybe can’t venture as far as their pup would like to. For dogs who don’t enjoy spending all that extra time  inside, Fremont-based Jogs for Dogs offers an innovative solution. Jogs for Dogs (or JFD) pairs and coordinates payment between dog owners with runners to get dogs out and exercising.

Jogs for Dogs was founded by Brendan Fahey during his time at the University of Washington. An avid runner and dog lover Brendan began running dogs, and soon he needed help. Brendan hired friends and fellow students a like to help get dogs out and running. After graduating he realized a different model was needed to meet the growing and evolving needs of both clients and runners.

We caught up with Brendan earlier this year  after the debut of the new Jogs for Dogs website and app. Here’s what we learned:

1. What makes Jogs for Dogs an important service?

JFD connects Dogs, who might otherwise not get some great exercise, with fun and energetic Runners who are looking for an awesome running partner.  There are lots of services for dogs, but JFD is unique because it is Just One Runner, and One Dog, and of course, it’s Running, not Walking. JFD Runners run because they love it, it’s fantastic exercise, and it’s a sweet way to make really good money for an hour of your time.

2. Why did you choose Fremont for JFD headquarters? How does being here affect or influence Jogs for Dogs, if at all?

 Well of course if we had to be someplace, the Center of the Universe is a good place to start. Jogs For Dogs is all about “creating a fun platform for people to connect with one another.” And in a sentence, I’d say that’s pretty similar to Fremont.
JFD is a tech company rooted very solidly in “real non-tech” reality. In other words: we use technology to enable a very real marketplace (that has actual tangible value) to function.  And so, we were looking for a place that has a great tech vibe, and also a great “real-world” feel. Fremont is perfect. Google shares a block with a chocolate factory. You’re as likely to run into a Facebook Engineer as you are a Brew-master.  And of course, from Fremont you can run some of the coolest runs in the city…whether you’re circling Lake Union, running the Queen Anne Crown, or doing the Ballard/Fremont Bridge Loop.
Like many other Fremont business Jogs for Dogs fits the Seattle, and Fremont lifestyle, however it is not just limited to Seattle. Jogs for Dogs offers connections to runners in Portland, San Francisco, and even London!
Have a dog that needs a jog? Connect with a runner in Seattle or another major US city here.
Interested in becoming a runner? You’ll want to get JFD certified! Find out more here. You can also connect with JFD on their Facebook.
Fun Fact: The Jogs for Dogs logo is taken from a photo of Brendan and his dog Scout! You can often see them running some of the runs Brendan mentioned above.

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