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Really Responsible Recycling

By master · April 28th, 2014 · No Comments

The future is here! Electronics, devices, and screens are everywhere in our lives! But as we approach more milestones since the inventions of our many devices; for example, color television is 60 years old, home computers have been around for over 35 years, and digital cell phones are 23 years old. As new generations of products come and go whatever will we do with the ones we aren’t using?

Luckily Seattle residents have a couple of options. The Seattle Public Utilities department recommends the following two programs for recycling unwanted electronics, TVs and Computers being some of the most common. Many of these electronics are banned from curbside containers as they contain toxic materials (so that’s how it works!).

Here are some options when it’s time to ditch those old electronics:

– Contact or 1-800-RECYCLE for free computer and TV drop-off locations.

–  Visit  for cell phone and fluorescent light bulb drop-off locations. Some charge a fee.

– Seattle Public Utilities will pick up and recycle TVs, computers and other electronic items from your curb for a $20 fee. Call 206-684-3000 to request an electronics collection. Apartment residents should contact their building manager to arrange for electronics collection.

For Fremont residents the InterConnection Computer Reuse and Learning Center is located just over on Stone Way and 34th.

“InterConnection’s focus is charitable reuse and responsible recycling. The Computer Reuse Center makes proper use of the tons of usable electronic items that are discarded daily, teaches computer maintenance and repair skills to local community members, and provides refurbished computers and monitors to organizations in underserved communities around the world. All data is securely erased from computers received and InterConnection complies with all federal and state regulations for data destruction. A tax deductible receipt is provided for donations.”

This donation site is also InterConnection‘s outlet store with refurbished electronics, low income specials, and trade in offers. InterConnection has been providing recycling, refurbishment, and charitable services since 1999.

SPU also deal with mattresses too! So if you can’t give it away to a college kid or on Craigslist (ever heard of FreeCycle?) please don’t leave it on the street! Contact the Take It Back Network for options.

Earth Day was just a week ago, but we can be aware of our impact everyday! As Fremont and Seattle residents we are fortunate to have a wealth of resources focused on sustainable and environmental causes. If you are unsure how to recycle something or interested in learning more about certain public programs email us at and we will be happy to look into it for you!



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