March 24

Red Star has Arrived

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Red Star Taco Bar is now open at 513 N 36th Ave, previously home to the White Rabbit, with a newly revamped space. The new design is strong in it’s simplicity and bold theme. With several beers on tap, a staggering display of liquor, and the a la carte menu Red Star is another stop to add to the hungry (or thirsty) Fremonster’s roster.

The space seems brighter and it is a challenge to figure out where exactly White Rabbit’s stage once lived (to the left of the loading door in the back). In addition to numerous high-tops there are several expansive booths, perhaps to tempt those moving in larger packs. The a la carte menu offers Pre-Taco, Taco-ish, Taco, and Post-Taco items all priced between $1.00-$7.00.

Following the recent Grand Opening Red Star Taco Bar is open everyday from 4:00PM until 2:00AM. Welcome to Fremont!

To find out more you can visit their website, Facebook, or Yelp page.

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