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Daylight Saving Time Brings Later Sunset

By master · March 10th, 2014 · No Comments


By George, we did it! We successfully traveled into the future! By an hour! Oh wait…

Unfortunately time travel still remains elusive to us but Daylight Saving Time has made its presence known. The traditional time change over came in the wee hours of Sunday morning as we “spring forward.” While the days are still increasing steadily in length the time change does give us an additional hour of light in the evening. Sunset on Saturday March 8th was at 6:05PM while on Sunday March 9th is was at 7:06PM.

This time change in combination with our rain/sun/rain weather, along with the Monday blues, ┬ámay have led to some pretty disoriented Fremonsters! Don’t worry though because time in the Center of the Universe is all relative…Enjoy the daylight!


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