March 6

Demand for Some Quality “Doodoo” Drives Fundraising at the Zoo

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It’s Fecal Fest 2014! Woodland Park Zoo is now accepting entries for the lottery that will decide who gets dibs on the “doodoo.” Strange as it sounds it makes sense that the rich remains from elephants, hippos, giraffes and other non-primate herbivores would make for highly desirable compost.

In addition the “Zoo Doo” the Zoo offers “Bedspread” a premium composted mulch that is a combination of Zoo Doo, sawdust, and large amounts of wood chips. Submit your entry here.

One entry per person will be accepted through March 17 and selected entries can pick up and purchase their Zoo Doo or Bedspread from April 5-19th. Please note: Entries will be selected randomly for as many entrants possible, and only selected entries will be contacted. Phone and mail orders are not accepted.

If you use Zoo Doo in your garden the Zoo would love to see! Submit a photo of your Zoo Doo-grown garden here and the zoo may feature it on its website.

PRICES for Zoo Doo and Bedspread: 

Pick-up truck
8×4 bed: $60
6×4 bed: $45
6×3 bed: $35
Limit one full truck per person.

Garbage cans:
$8 to $10 depending on size
bags: $4 to $6 depending on size.

Two-gallon and pint-sized buckets are available anytime at the ZooStore for $12.95 and $4.95, respectively.



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