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Wednesday Tidbits

By master · February 12th, 2014 · No Comments

Welcome to Wednesdays at Fremont Universe! Here we like to celebrate all things big and small, from a very tall troll to a tasty cup of coffee. To help make it through the week we would like to provide you with a new “Wednesday Tidbit” each week.

In this instance, a “tidbit” is that immaculately timed moment when you unavoidably overhear someone else’s not-so-normal (or maybe normal for them) conversation. Sometimes you are the one uttering an unusual turn of phrase and other times you get to share a smile with your dinner partner at the oddities going on behind you. Where better to collect “tidbits” than in Fremont?!

We will do our best to overhear as many out of place, ill-timed, and goofy things as possible but we need your help! Submit your Wednesday Tidbit to with the word “tidbit” in the subject. Tidbits can be submitted any day of the week but check back on Wednesdays to see if yours was the oddest of them all!

This week’s tidbit:

Overheard from one young gentleman to the other at the Ballroom:

“Want to pop in some Sherlock?”

The gentlemen proceeded to watch Sherlock on a laptop while at a booth at the Ballroom while enjoying sliders and beer. Who needs a living room?

Top our tidbit! Send yours in today!



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