July 11

Will Fremont be a contender in SDOT’s Walk Bike Ride Challenge?



Seattle Department of Transportation wants you to walk, bike and ride transit more this summer through their Walk Bike Ride Challenge. A friendly contest between neighborhoods (Ballard won last year), SDOT says the plan is to encourage Seattleites to compete to see which neighborhood can change the most car trips to walking, biking and riding:

Enter the Walk Bike Ride (WBR) Challenge, switch at least two car trips per week to walking, biking or transit, and earn chances to win these prizes:

Once you sign up for the WBR Challenge, you become part of a community making Seattle a more active and better place to live. You receive weekly emails with tips on walking, biking and riding and can track your individual progress and the program’s collective impact online. The more trips you report, the higher the chance you have of winning. The WBR Challenge is part of the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Way to Go, Seattle! Program. It encourages people to walk, bike, ride transit and carpool more by offering incentives, tools and information and runs on a two month cycle. The current round is for July and August.

Click here for more information and to sign up for the Walk Bike Ride Challenge.


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