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Fremont-McGinn announces $500,000 in matching funds for neighborhood

By Sara · May 18th, 2012 · No Comments

Mayor Mike McGinn says that 34 community organizations will receive more than $500,000 in matching funds to support neighborhood projects across the city. 3 projects in Fremont are the recipients of the The Neighborhood Matching Fund Program money, (which supports projects as diverse as community fruit harvests to neighborhood festivals). The city says:

The Small and Simple Projects Fund, one of three funds managed by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, provides cash awards of up to $20,000 in matching funds to neighborhood organizations committed to fostering and building a better community. The 2012 awards ranged from $4,200 to $20,000, and the organizations have pledged to match the City’s $534,666 contribution with resources valued at nearly $760,123. Recipients of the Neighborhood Matching Fund match their awards through a combination of locally raised money, donated materials and volunteer labor.

“These awards recognize the dedication and hard work of community members working together to improve their neighborhood,” says Mayor Mike McGinn. “Whether the projects are for physical improvements or a community celebration, the benefit of this program is the connection and engagement of neighbors and the broader community.”

The City figures on average, volunteers give $1.45 of donations and sweat equity for every $1 of taxpayer support: “There’s a reason why the Neighborhood Matching Fund is being replicated by other cities the country. This fund provides another reason for neighbors to get together and it allows them to create a vision to improve their neighborhood and it helps implement that vision. It’s the building block for community projects,” says Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw. Bernie Matsuno, director of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, says “The Neighborhood Matching Fund has been emulated by cities all over the world. And what makes it so successful is the connection and engagement that happens when neighbors work together to make improvements in their community.”

The Neighborhood Matching Fund has awarded more than $49 million with a community match of more than $71 million, since its inception 24 years ago. During that time, more than 85,600 volunteers have donated over 573,000 work hours. .

Fremont Projects to receive matching funds:

B.F. Day School Playground – Design Development

Based on the results from a community planning process, fund design development for the exterior grounds of B.F. Day Elementary School to
include the west play area and enhancements to the north slope. The project will include community meetings, events, and opportunities for neighborhood involvement.

Organization: B.F. Day PTSA

Awarded Amount: $18,300

Match Amount: $9,270

The Community Cinema Project

Involving the Fremont and Wallingford neighborhoods, produce a community group showcase that will include an outdoor showing of the movie “Goonies” at Gasworks Park.

Organization: Community Cinema Group

Awarded Amount: $14,286

Match Amount : $21,873

Fremont – Bridging the Gap

Create a living history video and historical exhibits, as well as create the Fremont Community Youth Action Committee that will allow
local youth the opportunity to work with adults to help shape the future of Fremont. Project will involve current and past residents, neighborhood organizations, and schools.

Organization: History House

Awarded Amount: $19,550

Match Amount: $35,620

To learn more about the Fund, click here

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