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Seattle School buses and Metro running late due to May Day Protest

By Sara · May 1st, 2012 · No Comments

The Seattle School District has been calling parents to let them know that school buses are running 90 minutes late in bringing students home, due to the May Day protests in downtown Seattle.

Additionally, Metro has sent out the following:

Tuesday’s May Day activities in and around downtown Seattle are changing rapidly and expected to cause traffic and transit service disruptions and delays until after the evening rush hour. During this event, it is expected that all traffic – including transit service – could be affected by minor to possibly significant delays and disruptions on local surface streets, as well as in the downtown Transit Tunnel, nearby freeways, and areas outside of the downtown core. There are no pre-planned bus reroutes during this event, however bus riders are encouraged to be aware of conditions and use caution in their immediate area; watch media reports; board or exit buses south of S Jackson St or north of Pike and Pine streets, use transit service in the downtown Transit Tunnel or change travel plans to avoid the affected area. It is not possible to predict specific schedule, route or bus stop impacts, and conditions are changing rapidly.

During this afternoon’s peak travel time, Metro will provide updates via its ‘Eye on Your Metro Commute’ blog and kcmetrobus on Twitter. Transit Alerts may be sent, depending on the nature of a significant impact, but may not be used for frequent updates.

Additionally, due to many factors, schedule or service disruptions in one area can cause delays in other areas. Metro’s primary concern is to operate safely at all times. As long as it is safe to do, Metro makes every effort to operate service according to regular routes and schedules. Routes and schedules may change based on situations beyond Metro’s control.

Your patience is appreciated during events that disrupt service. Visit Metro’s online Trip Planner to find out how to get to and from events and locations. The Trip Planner uses scheduled service information and does not reflect service revisions due to events, construction, traffic or weather.

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