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Fremont Figures Into Seattle Weekly’s Booze Issue

By master · February 8th, 2012 · No Comments

This week’s Seattle Weekly is all about booze and considering Fremont is home to quite a few places that serve, make or serve & make booze, you had to assume we’d be involved.

In the section titled Where to Drink With Your Kids, Hale’s Brewery shows up as the best spot in town.

There’s good and bad news regarding Hale’s Brewery‘s kid-friendly policy. First, the good: There’s a spacious room separate from the bar where you don’t have to feel guilty being that person who brought their kid to a brewery, and where you can stuff your little one full of jo-jos and cheese pizza while you get your drink on with one of Hale’s custom brews. Bad news: Seemingly every lush of a parent knows this, so the “family room” is frequently packed with sleeping babes in car seats and ankle-biting toddlers.

In the section, What Seattle Drinks, prominent and well-known Seattlites share their favorite drinks and place to have them. Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin gives a very even-handed, pro-Fremont answer:

“I would go to the Madrona Ale House and choose from among their wide selection, which includes Fremont products. How’s that for a tactful answer?” [Sara Nelson, Conlin’s legislative assistant, is married to the owner of Fremont Brewing Company.]

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