January 17

O, What A Rogue & Peasant Place Is It



So I took some liberties with Shakespeare there. Still, I accomplished what I needed to, which is to introduce the Rogue & Peasant (3601 Fremont Ave. N, #207), which has been described as a coffee shop/music club opening in the space next door to the new Hunger location.

The new spot, described as “a place where all genres of people and music can be expressed,” opens its doors on January 27th.

According to their website, it will be open every day of the week, from 6am to 2am Monday through Saturday and 8am to 2am on Sundays.

Owners Jeremiah David Johnson, Amber Schein and Loren Schein has been hush-hush about details so you’ll just have to show up opening night to find out the specifics.

The band Sweet Secrets has a gig booked there on February 3rd.


rogue and peasant

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