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Have You Seen This Stolen Equipment?

By master · December 16th, 2011 · No Comments

Deidre writes in to ask if anyone can help recover some stolen equipment that was taken in Fremont on Tuesday night.

It happened Tuesday night (12/13/11) between 10 and 10:30pm out in front of the Sweet Spot Spa (3507 Evanston Ave N) in Fremont.  The thieves smashed the rear passenger window out of a rental car. The Open Labs DBeat machine (it was stored in a big black case that says Open Labs on it) it weighs 21 lbs.  It’s a very rare machine and the owner cannot replace the music on it.  2 working bands rely on this machine to perform and there is a $500 reward (No Questions Asked) offer posted on Craigslist.  Other items that were stolen from the car was a Panasonic Tough Book laptop, a Dell laptop, a CPAP breathing machine, and a bag of clothing.  According to the police there was a string of car break-ins that same night in Fremont.  If anyone has any leads or information they can send it to, or contact anyone at the High Dive or The White Rabbit in Fremont.

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