November 16

Lenin Lighting Scheduled For December 2nd



Everyone’s favorite Russian Marxist revolutionary is getting ready for everyone’s favorite December holiday tradition. The Lenin Lighting!

Would it be a traditional event in Fremont if we didn’t have our own spin on things? Everyone else can have their Christmas tree and Hanukkah menorah lightings. We’ll be lighting up our giant statue of a Russian dude, thank you very much. This year’s “Lenin Lighting” celebration is all set and ready to go for Friday, December 2nd.

Coinciding with the December Fremont First Friday Art Walk, the event will begin at 5pm and the lighting will take place at 6pm. Amongst the festivities and goodies include an appearance by Santa Claus,hot drinks courtesy of Peet’s Coffee and Tea, pie courtesy of Pie, donuts courtesy of Might-O Donuts and more.

Check out some videos and pictures from last year’s ceremony.

More details to come but make sure you clear your schedule for December 2nd. And when you tell people what you’re doing on the 2nd, don’t be too alarmed when they look at you funny.


Lenin Lighting, lenin statue

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