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Make All Your Holiday Gifts Fremont-ish

By master · November 8th, 2011 · No Comments

You’ve probably already purchased a Fremont Troll Chia Pet on your desk. You’ve probably also learned that staring at a Fremont Troll Chila Pet makes one thirsty.

What’s a thirst Fremonster to do in this situation?

Why, reach for your trusty Fremont Neighborhood Mug, that’s what.

The mug is available at participating Bartell’s Drugs and was designed by Rosanna Inc and Bartell Drugs to celebrate Fremont and further foster a sense of community. The nearest Bartell’s to Fremont is in Wallingford.

But that’s not all. For discriminating Fremonsters, there is also Fremont Glass Trays & Holiday Ornaments available as well!

How much more Fremont could your holiday gift-buying get? None. None more Fremont.

And if anyone tries to sell you a Wallingford Mug or a Phinney Ridge Tray, tell’m to get lost.

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