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King County Metro Planning Improvements, Changes To Fremont-Area Bus Routes

By master · November 4th, 2011 · No Comments

King Couty Metro has a lot of plans in store for June 2012 to improve and change your bus-riding experience.

Metro is planning on removing or re-routing a bunch of routes in Seattle, including the nearby 15. However, the routes that run directly through Fremont are among those that will receive improvement efforts.

The 44, which runs along 46th Street in Fremont en route to Ballard and Wallingford, is a part of Metro’s efforts to minimize bus crowding. Reducing the number of people passed up or standing due to crowding on buses is Metro’s “first investment priority” so expect to see changes to the frequency of buses during certain times of the day in order to make each ride a little less crowded.

Improving on-time performance is Metro’s second investment priority and the 5, 26 and 28 will all benefit from that initiative. Metro is planning to reinvest 15,000 hours in June 2012, and proposing to invest 5,000 added hours and make additional schedule improvements through the September 2012 process of restructuring Seattle-area transit networks.

You can have a say in how these plans develop and get implemented. The King County Transit Advisory Commission is looking for members to meet monthly and discuss the work plan currently in place. Click to learn more about how to get involved.

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