October 4

Seattle Police Enforcing Crosswalk Conduct On Stone Way



Last week, the Seattle Police Department conducted a crosswalk enforcement patrol at the corner of N. 41st St. and Stone Way North. The September 30 patrol resulted in 39 citations. The SPD Blotter reported that 34 right-of-way citations were given, and five citations were given for cell phone use, driving without a valid driver’s license, and expired vehicle tabs. The SPD also patrolled the corner of Dravus and Nickerson, where 15 right-of-way citations and two citations for no proof of insurance and expired vehicle tabs were issued.

From the SPD Blotter:

The Seattle Police Department encourages all motor vehicle operators and bicyclists to be familiar with and obey all local and state traffic laws and to always drive with due regard for all others on the roadway.

via MyWallingford


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