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The Fix Is In: Wallinford Tops Fremont In Dubious Snackdown Vote

By master · September 12th, 2011 · No Comments

Here’s what I know.

Friday night, Fremont was leading Wallingford in the Seattle Weekly Snackdown Challenge vote.

Saturday, Fremont was still ahead, by a small amount over Wallingford (50.5 to 49.5).

Sunday afternoon, Fremont was still ahead, by a slightly larger margin (52 to 48).

Monday, Wallingford is announced as the winner of the Snackdown Challenge, winning by an amount that’s way larger than any shift in the % from the entire week and moves on. O RLY?

Sound like those corporate fat cat big wigs over in Wallingford decided to push some weight around over at Seattle Weekly HQ and muddied up the voting waters.

Put an asterik next to this victory, Wallingford. Fremont ain’t buying it. Perhaps we’ll need to have our own one-on-one Snackdown to truly determine who’s No. 1.

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