September 6

Fremont Moves Into 2nd Round Of The Great Neighborhood Snackdown



Seattle Weekly is looking for the single greatest neighborhood for eating in Seattle. So far, Fremont is still in the hunt.

4-seed Fremont beat out Mt. Baker in the first round. It was an absolute romp, with Fremont taking 91% of the votes.

Things get personal in the second-round when Fremont goes head-to-head with our “bitter rivals,” Wallingford, who pulled of an upset over Madrona, if you’re going by the seeding.

Voting will take place this week so keep an eye on the Snackdown to see when the Fremont vs. Wallingford page goes live and make sure you cast your votes for The ‘Mont. Voting will last until Sunday.

It’s for neighborhood pride.

It’s for Stone Way bragging rights.

It’s to show those Wallingfordians once and for all who slings a better burger, who slices a better piece of pizza and who, uh, ties up better Thai? I didn’t really know how to work that last one in…


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