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Check Out ‘My Side Of The Canal’

By master · September 6th, 2011 · No Comments

For the past 16 years, local photographer Dean Wenick has lived on a houseboat on the south side of the Ship Canal. In that time, he’s taken a lot of photographs of Fremont. I mean, A LOT of photographs of Fremont. Of its people, its buildings, its events and much more.

Throughout October, you’ll be able to see Dean’s artwork at Fremont Coffee Company. There will also be a reception as part of the First Friday Art Walk on October 7.

In the meantime, Dean is hoping to raise funds on Kickstarter for a special project called ‘My Side of the Canal.’ I’ll let Doug explain…

Support from Kickstarter will help with printing and framing photographs for the show. It will also allow me to scan more of the older film work. By making everything digital I will later be able to make a book and share this collection with more people.

This phase of my project will help with the print show and produce 75 small books of 12 pictures each. These are 3″x3″ hardcover books I print and make myself. I will make a prototype of a larger book and major contributors will receive a copy of this. Everyone who contributes at least $1 will receive a hand-made photo postcard.

To find out more about the project and make a donation, click here.¬† And next time you’re hanging out by the canal, keep an eye out for Dean and his camera and look in the direction he’s shooting. It’s probably something cool.

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