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Fremont Avenue Repaving Will Limit Parking, August 18-21

By master · August 17th, 2011 · No Comments

Update: Many of the street signs have disappeared or been taken off the street and placed on the side. Looks like the work has been delayed.

Perhaps you’ve noticed those ominous signs that have popped up all along Fremont Avenue from 38th Street to 42nd Street. Perhaps you’ve also noticed that they say you can’t park on either side of Fremont Ave. between 7am and 5pm between Thursday the 18th and Sunday the 21st.

Perhaps you want to heed all of that.

The SDOT is grinding up and repaving Fremont Avenue for the next four days, so they’ll be most displeased if your car is blocking their ability to do so. They’ve got tow trucks and they’re not afraid to use them.

Also keep an eye out for some no-parking areas on the side streets, such as the west side of 41st St. at Fremont Ave.

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