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Tweedle Hee Hee At The White Rabbit

By master · August 5th, 2011 · No Comments

You’ve always wished you could go watch folks from SNL, Comedy Central and America’s Got Talent perform comedy for free here in Fremont. Well dream no more, my friend. Your day has come.

The White Rabbit is hosting Tweedle Comedy on Sunday, August 7th from 8-11pm. The show is free and features a huge bill of performers with some notable credits:

Mike Drucker – SNL, The Onion, Rooftop Comedy’s Joke of the Year
Jennifer Burdette – Comedy Central’s ATOMtv, JoeTV’s Monday Meetings
Jen Seaman – America’s Got Talent, Comedy Central’s ATOMtv
Mike Coletta – Finalist Portland’s Comedy Competition
Alex Meyer – Comedy Central’s ATOMtv & NPR’s This American Life
JR Berard – Finalis​t Make Jack Laugh Competition
David TV – Bridgetown​ Comedy Festival
Tyler Smith – The Parlor Live & Who Shot JR?
Kristina McMillen – Who Shot JR?

Check out the Facebook page for more.

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