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Hey Fremont, Keep An Eye Out For A Purple Backpack

By master · July 18th, 2011 · No Comments

Wayne had a rather unpleasant experience last week in Fremont. His car was broken into and, amongst other things, his bag containing all of his school items was stolen. He’d love some help finding it.

Two bags with my school notes were stolen from the trunk of my car in Fremont. I am thinking they were probably just dumped somewhere as there was nothing of value in them – but I’d sure love to get my school stuff back! A purple Jansport backpack and a blue and black tote bag with the Prudential logo were taken. Please reply if you happen to see them on the street or in a dumpster anywhere!

My car was parked at 34th and phinney [July 14th]. The break-in occured at around 9pm. The back windshield was smashed and those two bags were stolen from my covered trunk. I especially would love to find the purple backpack – it had notebooks and binders. No photo, unfortunately. Cash reward if one or both found. Thank you!

If you have any information about the bag or happen to find it, you can email Wayne at waynemiller729 at gmail dot com.

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