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Large Police Presence On 41st Street Over Disturbance, Standoff

By master · July 12th, 2011 · No Comments

Update (5:35): Police leaving the alley, taking off their protective armor, wishing each other well. Looks like their job is done.

Update (5:31): “We got him.” The suspect is in police custody.

Update (5:25): Just heard a loud bang. Might have been a percussion grenade. Sounds like they’re going in. KIRO says the police have entered the house.

Update 5 (5:10): SWAT van just showed up and police are getting suited up in full gear, vests, rifles, helmets, etc. Spoke with a witness who said the issue has been ongoing with the man for “five years.” Witness overheard the negotiator trying to talk the man out of the house but the man was unresponsive.

Update 4 (4:55): A fire truck just showed up. Presumably to break down the door as the man is reportedly still inside.

Update 3: KIRO has the details on the man and what he did.

Seattle police and a SWAT team are on the way to a home in Fremont where a man attacked his parents with a baseball bat, the Seattle Police Department said.

Police said they are familiar with the 52-year-old man who suffers from schizophrenia. Police said they dealt with the man once before and he hid from officers in the attic of the home.

Update 2: Annie chimes in on Twitter

Word on the street is a mentally disturbed man has barricaded himself in house.

Update: Spoke with a witness after the fact who fills in some of the details.

“I got home, had to park around the corner because there’s roughly 13 cop cars. Walked back to the apartment, saw a couple of cops with rifles going into the alley. I asked someone who was outside what was going on, they told me there’s a paranoid schizophrenic who lives there and he’s had some kind of episode.”

Original: At this moment, there are approximately 13 cop cars surrounding the alley between Evanston Avenue & Fremont Avenue on 41st Street according to an eye witness. Many of the officers are armed with assault rifles and shields as they prepare to enter a house in the alleyway.

We’ll keep you posted on updates, though please chime in if you’re in the area with pics/updates as well.

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