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Photos: World Record For Zombie Gathering Belongs To Fremont

By master · July 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Around 7pm on Saturday, I drove over to PCC and parked in the underground lot. Upstairs, zombies were trudging by, moaning and yelling as they passed. Some even leaned against the glass, trying to get a taste of our organic, non-GMO brains. After I paid, I made my way back down to the lot. For a second, I kid you not, I was nervous. I thought to myself, “Dark, limited exits, bad sightlines…this is a terrible place to be during a zombie apocalypse.”

And then I remembered…

Congrats, everyone. You stayed alive after yesterday’s zombie infestation. And you did it while the Guinness World Record for Gathering of Zombies was being broken.

According to organizers, 4,522 zombies shuffled into Fremont yesterday, devouring the previous record of 4,093. Congrats to the organizers, who busted their butts (and delicious brains) to make it happen.

More photos from the day below (Part I of our photos here). These pics are courtesy of Tom Wright Photography. IF you have some photos you’d like to share, send them our way and we’ll post as well.

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