June 29

Fremont-Based Zebigo.com Helps Get You Where You Need To Go



Zebigo CEO Mark Russell ridesharing in Seattle.Imagine two people.

The first one wants to get from Fremont to Tacoma but isn’t sure how. They don’t have their own car. The bus isn’t an option and a train is too pricey.

The second one knows they’re driving from Fremont to Tacoma but they’re not all that excited about dropping a chunk of money on gas to get there (especially these days…).

Fremont start-up Zebigo.com wants to bring these two people together and solve both problems.

According to CEO, Jonathan Wolff, Zebigo is a “dynamic ride-sharing service” that gives people with a destination in mind a way to reach out to drivers and passengers interested in partnering up to get there. Whether your concern is financial or because you want to do your part to cut down on unnecessary congestion, gas consumption or carbon emissions, Zebigo wants to help you out.

“We provide an alternative for travel to any event, concert or sporting event,” says Wolff as he breaks down the many reasons Seattlites have for short-term travel.

So I know what you’re thinking…”You want me to get in the car with a complete stranger and let them drive me somewhere?” Zebigo is extremely aware of that concern and they’ve instituted a strict policy for make sure the driver and the passenger are covered. User comments and ratings help weed out the good drivers from the bad ones and passengers can request background checks on any driver. Zebigo also keeps a paper-trail of every trip and has an automated system that allows prospective drivers and passengers to speak without giving out personal information like phone numbers. In other word, safety is a paramount concern.

Currently Zebigo is in a beta mode, working strictly in Seattle. as they learn what people like about their service. So far, over 600 riders have signed up for the program and 10 completed trips have been recorded. Roughly-speaking, a 15-minute ride will probably cost a passenger about $5, a half-hour ride will run you about $15.

Zebigo chose their Fremont location based on access to the Silicon Canal as well all the major highways of the area. Not to mention the fact that many of their developers live the area.

Social media is a big deal to Zebigo, who sees outlets like Facebook and Twitter as “way to share organically.” So, you know, follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And of course check out their website to find out more about signing up and booking your first Zebigo trip. It’s a great opportunity to help shape an up-and-coming Fremont-based business.


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