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Man Causes Late-Night Disturbance Outside Paseo, Brad’s Swingside Cafe

By master · June 29th, 2011 · No Comments

Did you hear a man yelling and screaming up near Paseo Wednesday night? It might just have been this guy…

I was just checking Fremont Universe to see if anyone else reported about a clearly mentally disturbed man screaming insults at the people/workers inside of Paseo on N Fremont earlier this evening (around 7:45, 8pm). He kept screaming at them, then flinging himself into the street–very, very nearly getting hit by a truck. He kept running in and out of traffic, screaming at the restaurant.

Then he kept walking up N Fremont, returning a bit later to talk at the people in Paseo again. My friend and I were across the street, having finished dinner at Brad’s. We finally called the police, because he’d come back a couple of times to scream at them, and the way he kept darting into traffic, we were worried he might get hit by a car.

He was a white guy in his late 30s, 40s, close to 6 feet tall, average build. Wearing a white-ish baseball cap with a dark rim, he had glasses, scruffy facial hair, and a plaid jacket/shirt on.

A bit later, when we were driving home (around 830), after the guy had seemingly left the neighborhood, we saw a cop car arrive. Not sure what was going on, but that guy seriously needs some help.

We’ll take a look around in the AM and see if we can find out any info. Thanks for the tip, JK!

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