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Cement Mixer Sprayed Cars With Hydraulic Fluid In Fremont

By master · June 24th, 2011 · No Comments

Yucky news out of Fremont today at 39th Street. A tipster writes in about a cement truck that sprung a leak and ended up spraying oncoming cars.

Today around 1:30pm one of the Salmon Bay sand and gravel cement mixers sprung a leak, or rather a gusher, in the hydraulic line, spying on-coming cars with hydraulic fluid as they passed by – my car included.  Hydraulic fluid is corrosive and can strip the clear-coat and damage paint and plastic parts of the car.

It was between Greenwood and Francis, with the Salmon Bay cement mixer heading East bound on 39th when it occurred.  It looks like SBSG cleaned up most of the fluid off the street, but you can still see some of the residue there if you get out of your car and look at the street.

If your car happened to get sprayed, make sure you have your car checked for corrosion.

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