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Repel Street Canvassers With This Handy Handout

By master · June 9th, 2011 · No Comments

Things seem to have calmed down recently but there was a time about 2-3 months ago when walking to PCC was a lot like navigating an obstacle course. The obstacles, it felt like, were the never-ending deluge of street canvassers, clipboard-toters and donation-seekers that seemed perpetually lined up, just waiting to chat with you.

Now, almost all of them were doing so for good causes and are to be commended for having a belief in something so strong that you’d approach strangers on the street and attempt to convince them to join you in your fight (unless, of course, they’re just paid to do so regardless of the cause, and in that case, less commendation is in order). We all have issues and ideas that are important to us, and most often money is needed to make those ideas a reality. I get it.

But still…as someone who often just wants to get into PCC, buy my Zevia soda and organic string cheese and get back home, seeing five canvassers with clipboards staring directly at me with the intention of delaying my string cheese consumption one after another is just too much.

Dominic Holden at The Stranger seems to have an even stronger opinion on the matter and he’s come up with a solution for folks who want to bypass the whole process without having to interface with canvassers any more than they have to. He’s created these handouts as a half-joke, half-not-a-bad-idea-actually for days when you really do want to save the whales, but not the day after you already told them you don’t have any money and you already donated to save the whales online.

Image: The Stranger

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