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The Fremont Tour Provides A Playful Walk Through The Neighborhood

By master · May 31st, 2011 · No Comments

Fremont is a quirky, eclectic neighborhood full of interesting sights, interesting people and interesting places to go.

Wait, why am I telling YOU this? You already know all of that. But a lot of folks who pass by our little ‘hood might not. And they might be unsure how to see it all and make sure they hit the hot spots. You and I are too busy to show them around. How will these tourists and passers-by know where to go and what to do once they get here?

That’s where The Fremont Tour comes in.

The Tour is a theatrical, fun and improvised way for people to explore Fremont and learn about the public art, history, restaurants and more.

The entire walking tour is a half mile and takes about 80 minutes. It’s family friendly and wheelchair accessible. They begin and end near the center of Fremont where there are plenty of shops and restaurants, so everyone can eat, shop, or play some more after the tour.

Check out their website for more information and next time you have in-laws in town and no time to walk them past the Troll, Rocket and rest of Fremont’s finest, the Fremont Tour is here to help.

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