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The Worse Chone Figgins Plays, The Cheaper Fremont Drinks

By master · May 26th, 2011 · No Comments

For years, Norm’s has been turning the misery that comes with being a Seattle Mariners fan into your gain at the tap.

Every year, they pick a certain under-performing, highly-paid player and let you pay the monetary value of his batting average for your beer on Mondays. In 2007, it was Ritchie Sexson, who dipped down towards .201 ($2.01 per beer). Adrian Beltre replaced him in 2009. Then it was Milton Bradley and his sub-par batting average.

Now that Bradley is gone, it’s high-priced Chone Figgins’ turn. Figgins is currently hitting .202 and if that keeps up your Monday beer will be just a shade over $2. It almost makes you want to root for Figgins and the Mariners to do worse…almost.

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