May 18

Time for spring cleaning at Troll’s Knoll



Put on your gardening gloves and roll up your sleeves – it’s time for the Troll’s Knoll Spring Cleanup.

Volunteers are needed this Saturday, May 21st from 9 a.m. to noon (the weather may cooperate)

From the Friends of Troll’s Knoll, the cleanup includes:

1. Pulling and removing small blackberry canes and other invasive plants,

2. Trimming and removing large blackberry canes that cannot be pulled from the ground, and

3. Clearing and removing garbage that has accumulated onsite.

If you can come out for a couple of hours this Saturday and lend a hand that would be great. Most of the blackberry canes are small right now, and we hope the wet, soft soil will make it easier than waiting until things dry up.

We will have a selection of tools and supplies to work with as well as gloves from friends and neighbors as well as Seattle’s Spring Clean program but bring a yard tool of your own if you have one (clippers, pruners, rakes, etc.). There may be some added refreshments.


Troll's Knoll

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