May 17

North Transfer Station options narrowed to one



With an unanimous vote last night, the North Transfer Station stakeholder group unanimously agreed on which option should be recommended to guide the replacement of the North Transfer Station.

Click here for a larger version of Concept C

The group has decided on Concept C (.pdf), which was designed after hearing feedback at the April 30th community meeting. This concept:

* Shifted transfer station west to match building footprint from Concept B and improve view corridor from Ashworth Ave N
* Shifted Reuse & Recycling building 30 feet west from Concept A building location for increased buffer along Woodlawn Ave N
* Maintained separated commercial and self-haul traffic
* Separated commercial and self-haul roads to reduce site access congestion on N 34th
* Separated inbound/outbound self-haul scales based on queuing requirements

From Seattle Public Utilities:

Stakeholders also had an in-depth discussion regarding amenities that could be associated with vacation of Carr Place N as part of the new station design. The group evaluated and prioritized a list of several possible amenities. Their top three priorities were replacing the Carr Place N. parking lot with community open space, providing pedestrian amenities along N. 34th Street, Woodlawn Avenue N. and N. 35th Street and creating publicly-accessible space on the green roof of the underground parking.

Once SPU hears the recommendation report, the department will determine the best course of action. The timing of that decision is in about four to six weeks.


north transfer station

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