May 11

‘The Killing’ Gives Seattle Neighborhoods Confusing Shoutouts



If you haven’t been watching AMC’s new show “The Killing,” get to it. The moody, suspenseful drama has been delivering tons of twists and turns in its whodunit crime story. It’s also been delivering tons of references to the Seattle neighborhoods in which its storyline takes place.

While the show is filmed mostly in Vancouver, many of the establishing shots are of the Seattle downtown as well as various parts of the city, including images of the Aurora Bridge and Gas Works Park in recent weeks. The show’s Larsen family also apparently live near the Ballard Bridge.

Some of the recognizable references, however, come with a bit of a disclaimer. Since this is television, many of the names may sound familiar but how they’re referenced is often not.

Take the recent mention in this past week’s episode where Detectives Linden and Holder paid a visit to Green Lake Mosque at 547 North Simpson Street, Seattle, WA. Hopefully you didn’t immediately get into your car and try to find this new pop culture landmark because, well, it doesn’t exist.

That address doesn’t exist, and there is no Green Lake Mosque. And, to make matters even more confusing for Seattle locals, Linden describes Green Lake as “in Rainier Valley.”

There haven’t been any scenes in Fremont yet but we’ll keep an eye out for “The Fremont FBI Headquarters at 221 Jackson Street” or “The Fremont Haberdashery at 119 Euclid Ave.”


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