May 2

Radar Signs Coming To Aurora Ave.



The Aurora Traffic Safety Project just keeps on making updates to Aurora Ave. in an attempt to improve safety through low cost engineering, enforcement, and educational efforts.

Starting today, SDOT will begin adding radar signs to Aurora at various locations. The Halladay Street exit from Aurora northbound Aurora will be the first to get a sign as they get rolled out one by one.

Other Northbound radar sign spots include Prospect St, N 39th St, and at W Green Lake Way N.  Meanwhile, southbound traffic will see these signs go up at N 48th St and near the Dexter Ave exit.

Also coming soon will be reflective pavement markers between the dashed lane lines on the Green Lake curves of Aurora Ave.  These lane markers are intended to reduce the number of vehicle versus jersey barrier collisions that occur in this stretch of Aurora by providing drivers with additional guidance through these curves.

More projects are coming soon to Aurora.  Stay tuned to the SDOT Blog for more information, or, for a sneak preview, check out the Action Plan on our website:


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