April 21

Woodsky’s Fights For Right To Race Goldfish



If you’re not familiar with Goldfish Racing, the sport entails putting goldfish into a canal of water and guiding the fish down the trough with the help of squirt guns. The first person to push their goldfish to the finish line wins, or something.

It’s a late-night bar activity that’s been going on at Tacoma’s Harmon Tap Room for years. The establishment recently ended the practice after PETA caught wind of it. According to the bar owner, he received “60 or 70 e-mails” after each race and eventually decided to replace it with some good old-fashioned beer pong.

PETA’s issue, as stated on their website, is not just with the race itself. Reports of bar patron impaling fish with straws or eating them live are driving their concern.

While Harmon may have ceased the races, Fremont bar Woodsky’s is keeping theirs going.  They recently took to their Facebook page to promote the ongoing event:

So a lot of press has been going out with the Goldfish Races being cancelled due to PETA at the Harmon Tap Room. Good News we will continue doing Goldfish races here at Woodsky’s if you bring in one of the “Save the Goldfish” Stickers that have been going around Fremont you will receive %50 off your first drink.

Alrighty. The battle for and against goldfish racing rages on here in Fremont.


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