April 6

Orange Flags Helping Fremont Pedestrians Cross Safer



If you’ve walked on Fremont Ave. between 41st and Motor Place recently, you’ve noticed things have gotten a little more orange. That would be the flags stuck on poles in various spots along the street. Thanks to the Fremont Neighborhood Council, those flags have been installed to help pedestrians cross Fremont Ave. a little safer.

Every block or so, there’s a container on telephone poles on each side of the street. Within each container is a couple of flags. You grab one of the flags so drivers can see you, especially at night, and you go to whichever restaurant was across the street that you needed to get to so badly. Then you just leave said flag in the container across the street from where you started so someone else can cross with it.

You get to go where you wanted to, drivers don’t accidentally run anyone over and the flags get a good workout. Everybody wins.

And while we’re on the topic of Fremont Ave. driving, if you haven’t noticed already, you REALLY better take heed of those flashing beacons by B.F. Day when they’re lit up in the morning and afternoon. More often than not, I’ll see multiple cops at the bottom of the hill just waiting for someone to barrel down at 40 mph. And they’ve got a whole bunch of tickets burning holes in their pockets. Safe driving, ya’ll.


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