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Fremont Now On Parfait’s Home Delivery Route

By master · March 25th, 2011 · No Comments

It’s late. You’re hungry for some ice cream. But not just any ice cream. I mean, really good ice cream. You could hike it over to PCC or Marketime but they’re both, like, four or five blocks away. Who has the energy?

Instead, you log on to Parfait’s website, place your order for some Decadent Chocolate or Butter Toffee Crunch (or perhaps both). Shortly thereafter there’s a knock at the door. You answer, spoon in hand, and do the happy dance that only comes with knowing you’re about to enjoy some really, really good ice cream.

That’s pretty much how it works now that Fremont is on Parfait’s delivery route. If you’re not familiar, Parfait is Adria Shimada’s organic, artisan ice cream truck. Her ice cream has received so many awards and nods, it’s hard to keep track. Shimada says she holds her ice cream to the same standards as a high-end French bakery and makes all of her ice cream from scratch.

Pints wil arrive in a reusable insulated tote bag, which you can keep as Parfait’s gift or return to the Parfait truck and receive a voucher for free ice cream.

There is a two-pint minimum for delivery. Pints are $9 with discounts for purchases of three or more. Jars of sauce are $10 each. Parfait currently delivers on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturday evenings between 6-9PM.

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