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34th Street Construction March Update

By master · March 7th, 2011 · No Comments

Seattle City Light has an update for us on the construction that’s taking place on 34th Street.

Removed failed street pavement sections just west of intersection of Stone Way and N. 34th Street. Concrete underlay to be placed on Monday. Anticipate some roller vibration on Friday and Monday. Sidewalk and curb restoration at Fremont Dock Building, expect some vibration. Mid-March is the projected last piece of work on the civil construction phase. Afterwards comes inspection and development of punch list. End of contract is April 1st. City Light will return at future point in time to do the electrical phase. It is much less impactful with a lone City Light vehicle pulling cable at manholes.

The project area extends between N. 34th Street and N. 35th Street on Woodland Park Ave. N. and between Stone Way N. and Troll Ave. N. (under the Aurora Bridge) on N. 34th Street. Advance notification will be given to those customers involved for any planned power outages. As usual, plan your commute wisely, especially during peak hours.

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